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Whole my life is around music, so this site is around music as well. Why? It's simple like road to Ostroleka: without music wouldn't be life. I'm pretty sure, that God was singing in Genesis time. I remember when I left my house... That was my really born time! Of course at first I was listening not making music. I love when simple sounds are connected and make something with big sense. Like I said many years ago: my music isn't beautiful. It is: "cool", "gorgeous", "brilliant", "for jumping", "for dancing", "for singing" and many more, but not beautiful. It's simple as well. Beautiful could be sing a little bird at 5AM in Connemara, or high C divas. Not hard-core-punk-rock-metal-grunge-funky-jazz ?
Sometimes the same chord or track can make me happy, few days ago the same track kill me. Not once I made a 90 min audio tape with one or two tracks and... "time and time again..."

What next? Movies of course. I remember a TV series about a man witch one spend whole life on front of TV. I have a millions of movie heroes: from Vinnetou when I was nine or ten, to Bondock Saints when I was... much older ;) There is a special part for movies on mine site.

On the end, but not the last part of my life are books. Right now I'm too lazy for reading, but before... Ho! Ho! I spend half of my young life reading. Really.
w sieci od 2002